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Steampunk Savvy

Cut a dashing figure through space, time, and the probable with this collection of fashionable Steampunk outfits. View Item>

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Tropical Leaves of Repose

Ever wanted to own a giant leaf in a giant vase? Now you can with Tropical Leaves of Repose! This rare plant which originated from the rain forest can now be a part of your home. Great for...

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Laganaphyllis Simnovorii (aka The Cow Plant)

Our fan favorite Laganaphyllis Simnovorii returns, as diabolically fun as you remember and with new gameplay you’ll never forget! A swig of the milk of the Cow Plant adds days to your Sims’...

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Gothic Glamour Home Office- Hyelophobia Horror Desk

Embrace your fears with a haute goth collection of edgy and sophisticated pieces, so darkly sleek its scary! The Gothic Glamour Home Office set is certain to bring some drama to your Sims...

Animal Friends Wall Shelf V.4

Show your love of animals by displaying not one, but four shelves of your little friends on the wall. This set includes a variety of cute plush animals and framed animal pictures to...