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Soothsayer's Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball

Clear your mind, focus your attention and rest the gaze of your scrying eyes on THE FUTURE. In the smooth spherical surface of the Soothsayer’s Crystal Ball you will suddenly see; the future is crystal clear, your friends and family members are in awe of your predictive prowess, and your complexion has never looked better.

  • INFO
  • Peer into your Sim’s future for dozens of possible outcomes!
  • Tell the Fortune of other Sims to build your relationship (+ LTR) and impact their life for a variety of consequences that are predicted by the Crystal Ball.
  • A naïve Sim might believe any Bogus Fortune you tell them, but if they catch you in a lie, your LTR will suffer!  Evil, grumpy and mean Sims get a fun boost from telling Bogus Fortunes too.
  • You can use Lady Ravendancer Goth’s Book o’ Spells to Enchant the Soothsayer’s Crystal Ball for special effects and an environment boost.

 Feeling Lucky
 Feeling Unlucky

     Tell Own Fortune
     Tell Fortune To…
     Tell Bogus Fortune To…
     Sort by Function -> Entertainment -> Hobbies & Skills
     Sort by Room -> Study -> Hobbies & Skills
New Animations: Yes
Useable by:
Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

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