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Vertical Challenge Rock Wall

Rock Climbing Wall

An adventurer's journey awaits any tenacious Sim courageous enough to take on the Vertical Challenge Rock Wall! Your endurance and athleticism soar with each vertical inch ascended, and with every climbing competition won, your confidence (and your wallet) will swell! Whether your goal is fitness, climbing supremecy or conquring K2, with the VC Rock Wall the pinnacle of adventure is finally within your grasp!

  • INFO
  • Set the tone of your training by choice to train for an Easy Climb, a Moderate Climb, a Technical Climb, or really push your Sim when you Train for Everest!
  • Climb the VC Rock Wall just for fun (+Fun, +Athletics) or bring it out at your next Sim party to make some extra Simoleons from your Sim guests.
  • Place two VC Rock Walls next to each other to challenge other Sims to Race to the top!   The fastest Sim earns Simoleons!
 Adrenaline Rush
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New Animations: Yes
Useable by:
Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

545 SimPoints
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