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The Hypnotizer

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Mesmerize and captivate family, friends (and, if you're a Showtime Magician, your audience too) with your very own Hypnotizer! Whether at home, or on a Showtime stage during a magic performance for hundreds to see... with the power of mind control, the spotlight will most definitely belong to you!

  • INFO
  • Put on a hypnotic Showtime performance when your Sim can call up audience members and have them perform a variety of exciting tricks!
  • Does your Sim need a groupie?  Hypnotize a Sim and give them the command to fall in love with you!
  • For a bit of Fun and silliness, Hypnotize a Sim and Command them to Act Like a Chicken!
  • Hypnosis is a great way to make even the most uptight Sim build Fun and Social as they dance, dance, dance!
  • Commanding a Hypnotized Sim to “show some muscle” is another funny way for your Sim to be entrancing at a party as they flex their might!
  • Does your Sim long to be a Rock Star?  Command them to Jam on the Air Guitar to get them to raise their Guitar and Air Guitar skill!
  • Are your stage gigs keeping you up too late?  Perform Self Hypnosis and then Awake Refreshed for a boost of energy and a new “Awake Refreshed” moodlet.
  • Does your ill-tempered Sim want to show their mental swagger over a Sim?  After hypnotizing them, make their bladder fail!
  • For random entertainment, command your Sims hypnotized Sim to forget their inhibitions.
Awake Refreshed
Creeped Out
     Hypnotize Self
     Command bladder to fail
     Command to forget inhibitions
     Command to act like a chicken
     Command to show some muscle
     Command to jam on air guitar
     Command to fall in love with you
     Command to awaken refreshed
     Command to wake up
     Sort by Room -> Study -> Hobbies & Skills
     Sort by Function -> Entertainment -> Hobbies & Skills
New Animations: Yes
Useable by:
Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

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