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Surf’s Up Sun & Fun Wave Station

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Surf Area

Dude! It’s totally time to catch some epic waves and carve 'em up. Hang Ten on some custom boards to make this even more off the chain. Just don’t be a baller if the seal destroys your surfboard.

  • INFO
  • Prepare to be the ultimate surfer by learning tricks like Hang Ten, the Cutback, and a Handstand!
  • Beware of the Loose Seal in oceans and ponds! She may cause a gnarly wreck and break your board!
  • Proudly display your broken board so you will always remember the time when your Sim was Almost a Meal.
  • Spend some time practicing and your Sim will be able to attempt tricks on an easy wave, but becoming a master will allow for an even bigger wave while landing nearly every trick.
Nice Wave
Mondo Wave
Loose Seal
Almost A Meal

Wave Station
  • Surf on the Wave Station
  • Perform Cutback Trick
  • Perform Handstand Trick
  • Perform Hang Ten Trick
  • Watch

Surf Board
  • View Surfboard


Wave Station
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Surf Board
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Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

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